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Monthly Archive for November, 2016

Sphero and Tech Club

The kids had fun playing with Sphero this morning! #SpheroEdu Sphero Video  

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Exhibition Group

I will be working with an Exhibition group investigating therapy animals and how they help people. So excited to work with this group! My yellow lab is a certified therapy dog, although we have done very little volunteering. I found thisĀ  pictures using an advanced search on Google Images, a strategy I am constantly telling […]

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Tech Club and IB

IB at Rockrimmon The tech club decided to make an iMovie trailer about IB at Rockrimmon. They spent one session walking around the school and taking pictures of what they thought represented IB at their school. The fifth graders in tech club kept iPads for the rest of the day so they could continue taking […]

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Connected Educator

In order to be a connected educator, one must be willing not only to be a lifelong learner, but be ready to fail and try again.Not only do educators need to find the time and flexibility to read blogs, follow twitter, watch videos, attend online seminars and to daily shift through the incredible amount of […]

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