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Digital Citizenship and the Learner Profile

I have always used the resources from Common Sense Media to help me cover Digital Citizenship with the students at Rockrimmon. Their Digital Passport game is engaging and fun for third through fifth graders and with guided discussions before and after game time, I feel you can really make sure students understand the importance of Digital Literacy. With kindergarten through second grade I use their iBooks and work on whole group lessons by projecting the student workbook onto the whiteboard. I have connected the lessons by mentioning the IB Learner Profile attributes that relate to the topic, or by asking kids to name them but I realize now that I am approaching this the wrong way. I need to start with the IB Learner Profile Attributes, and structure lessons around that. A lesson building on students’ prior knowledge and personal insights into creating and consuming as described by this blog post from What Ed Said could help me make sure I am respecting the viewpoint of my students, instead of assuming I have all the answers. I made an  Animoto to help me think through the activities I work on with students in the Learning Commons, both ones that are obviously involved with technology and those that aren’t. While the pictures I take aren’t necessarily going to reflect a balanced view of everything that goes on during the year, it is a start. When I tried to organize the photos into IB categories, I felt that I had only a few pictures that went with the trait of “principled.” That is where I will begin my focus, and I also need to keep the new ISTE standards for students and Digital Citizenship in mind. As I plan for students and Digital Citizenship, I also need to organize activities for the staff at my school and for myself, as it is a topic that affects us all and requires knowledge and vigilance from students of all ages.

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  1. April says:

    I like that you are going to use Edna’s idea and activate prior knowledge and use the learner profiles. I often find when I try to use the learner profiles, it is forced. I would really need to think of an authentic way to link digital citizenship and the LP’s.

  2. I should touch base with you regarding the workbook. We discussed it, but are using the scope and sequence lessons and have aligned them to our UoI’s. Perhaps we can chat at our next district IB workshop.

  3. Katherine Kates says:

    That would be great!

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